Ant1 Cyprus TV Selects Etere

18 февраля 2016

The Cyprus TV channel has selected Etere solutions to have a full and efficient control of its broadcasting activities and devices, taking advantage of the innovative Etere’s MERP approach.

Etere announces Ant1 Cyprus has upgraded to Etere system, an end-to-end solution based on tailored workflows extremely flexibles and able to give to Tv station the complete power to manage all activities in an integrated environment, from ingest to playout, asset management and metadata insertion to scheduling.
With this Etere advanced solution, Ant1 Cyprus has improved its performance and has developed a future-proof broadcasting solution. Ant1 is the first private TV in Cyprus broadcasting since 1993. Its main purpose is to offer viewers the best of news and entertainment, both with Cypriot productions as well as Greek programs. In 2012, ANT1 launched also the first web TV in Cyprus with live broadcast and dedicated apps for
Etere Automation provides the innovative tools for the playout of the scheduled events, including secondary events, guaranteeing the broadcasting continuity also in case of faults in the transmission chain, thanks to a fully redundant solution (Main/Clone Automation). Etere Airsales is an advanced advertising planning system and Ant1 Cyprus has a special custom workflow for an extended monitoring of the sales across the scheduled programs. TV scheduling is built up easily by using Etere Executive Editor, that allows a series of integrated
operations to help planning operators and includes also an importing function of external asset lists. Etere boosts also the video capture process providing an optimized tool for ingesting contents from any source (eg: VTRs, LIVE, etc.) to the video server, manually and automatically.

Etere system drives and controls the operations of these Ant1 Cyprus equipment:
-6 I/O ports of 2 MediaPorts on Omneon Spectrum video server
-2 VTRs ingest
-14 clients

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