Media of Medias goes on air with Etere

27 January 2010

The 'Media of Medias’ channel has been launched under an ETERE System, which permit it to leverage all advantages of Tapeless XDCAM technology.

Media of Medias was founded in 1984 and it is based in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a fully-integrated entertainment Content Provider which counts with its own programme production currently composed by ten different programmes, which goal is to be Thailand’s centre of quality TV Programmes for education and entertainment and the leading distributor in the Thai market.

Etere, in collaboration with Sony, has provided Media of Medias with a system based on an end-toend tapeless workflow in order to implement faster and more efficient operations within the station.

The core of the tapeless workflow is an XDCAM Cart PDJ-A640 able to hold up to 640 discs simultaneously, improving in this way the online and near-line storage system, and providing maximum data throughput to the overall workflow. The combination of XDCAM devices and ETERE software guarantees Media of Medias a seamless digital workflow free of delays.

EtereCart is the module provided by Etere to allow the station to use XDCAM devices with both ingest and automation purposes automatically under specific time ranges. Media of Medias is thus able to carry out two of the more important processes by using the same cart machine, and most important, as a fully integrated system which permits the entire system to stay connected and access stored contents in very short times.

Etere Ingest captures media from both the XDCAM recording decks and the Sony VTR into theNexio video server, the combination of Etere Ingest and EtereCart to manage these devices gives Media of Medias the possibility to integrate the XDCAM cart machine with any analogue platform with the tapeless workflow on which the entire system is based, with the further capability to convert on real-time both HD and SD channels with the maximum of transparency and simplicity.

The playout of commercial events, unlike the rest of events which are sent on-air directly from the cart machine through EtereCart, is on charge of Etere Automation, the module that brings highperformance and reliability to the playout of commercial events from the Nexio video server, while supporting the overlay of secondary events such as logos, subtitles and transitions during the playout.
Etere STMan is the application used for the management of all abovementioned secondary events, and it sends all generated logos through an Ethernet connection to the on-air devices, in this case, to the IconStation system that will perform the last channel branding before the playout.

In order to correctly integrate all modules with the existing hardware, and achieve a tight integrated environment, Etere controls the following broadcast equipment across the new station’s facility:

• 1 XDCAM Cart Machine PDJ-A640,
• 2 XDCAM Recording Decks PDW-F75,
• 1 Video Server NEXIO,
• 1 Logo Generator ICONSTATION,
• 1 Video Router PANACEA.

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