ETERE Integrates Telestream

17 февраля 2016

Vantage is integrated into Etere MERP workflow, incorporating its multi-format and multi-platform transcoding features.

ETERE, the worldwide leader in software solutions for broadcast and media companies, announced the integration of Telestream Vantage video transcoding with its MERP Cloud filebased workflow framework, thus making available a powerful, cost-effective and time-saving way to accelerate the production of content for multi- platform and multi-language distribution.

The integration of Vantage brings to ETERE MERP a comprehensive and automated way to create and distribute multiple versions of content while maintaining all kinds of essential information, such as metadata, rights, formats, languages, branding, subtitles and business rules.

The API-based integration of Vantage transcoding with ETERE MERP allows bi-directional communication between systems, making the integration even more powerful as ETERE is able to drive via workflow all the different content paths managed by Vantage as well as link newly created content to the original assets.

Telestream Vantage has been seamlessly integrated to streamline your workflows by simplifying the creation of as many content versions as needed, bringing essential metadata from the MAM directly into the Vantage system, and thus enabling the transcoding and delivery of the correct content version in virtually any format. It's worth mentioning that ETERE's QC workflow analysis tools ensure source and output video quality of transcoded media by automatically detecting issues such as black segments and loudness.

ETERE MERP Cloud platform unifies many different broadcast, IT and business solutions to provide comprehensive lifecycle media and metadata management across all types of systems and for all types of workflows in news, sports, program preparation, archiving and broadcast. ETERE MERP Cloud framework embraces a comprehensive content catalogue and a powerful workflow engine that automates many tasks and processes to increase productivity and provides operational and business visibility.

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