Radio TV Link: Etere lets you harness the power of IP with Etere

17 февраля 2016

The most advanced IT based solution, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market that is a complete channel in a box with full IP in and out capabilities.

Etere ETX is an ingest/playout engine that gives you professional video technology with the reliability and efficiency of Etere to ensure support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry. Etere ETX is able to also perform IP in and IP out multiple frame rate , and allows at the same time SDI input and output, multiple layer of graphics, 3D graphics animation as well as Flash graphics support.

Key Features
■ IP out multiple frame rate
■ SDI output supporting the following cards: Blackmagic, Deltacast
■ Supports multiple layer of graphics, squeeze, 3D graphic animation and flash graphics
■ Ability to produce during ingest a proxy version in WMV format
■ Included graphics engine allows overlay of static/animated logos and crawlers on eight layers
■ Offered as software driver comprising free updates as regular Etere products
■ Support for all major wrappers (AVI, MXF, GXF, QT)
■ All compression schemas (MPG2, DV25,HDV, DVCpro,DVCpro50,DVCproHD, IMX30/40/50,
XDcam-EX, XDCam-HD,AVC-Intra AVC-HD, H264, WMV, ProRes)

Full IP Capabilities
■ Able to perform IP in and IP out, with multiple frame rate
■ Full IP support for both HD and SD videos
■ Mpeg2 or H264 compression schema
■ Independent IP out services

Multichannel and High Fault Tolerance
Etere ETX has the ability to manage simultaneously various different ingest/playout channels, making it a versatile multi-channel solution able to offer video acquisition, real-time compression and network transmission with full support for different video codecs between channels.
Etere ETX is designed to work with a high fault-tolerance level to avoid single points of failure due to the distribution of video data over various ingest and playout nodes which cooperatively manages all video data. ETX allows the introduction of easily integrated ingest/playout devices at a lower cost, offering a cutting-edge product with an outstanding performance, with complete support included.

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