Radio TV Link: Εtere Moves High to the Cloud

17 February 2016

Create your private cloud system and connect with any public cloud easily with ETERE!

ETERE, the global supplier of MERP solutions for broadcasters and media companies, yesterday announced that its Cloud Management Platform is ready to enable broadcast and media companies to fully leverage the cloud computing advantages of scalability, accessibility, speed and availability.

ETERE successfully applies the cloud concept to the video industry, taking your traditional IT resources to a higher level, enabling your organization to move high to the cloud, extending significantly the IT landscape and boundaries of your broadcast workflow and replacing most of your traditional physical devices with virtual IT resources interconnected under a true, reliable, powerful and easy to use cloud environment.

ETERE's private cloud-storage and cloud-computing infrastructure gives you a virtualized storage pool with unlimited MAM functionality and capacity to improve the management and delivery of your content thanks to the following characteristics:
■ Continued availability of files on multiple cloud devices, in the folders you need with the
names you want
■ Fast and smart transfers to always retrieve files from the best path with a balanced work load
■ Increased security to prevent direct access to files, illegal copies and user's wrong actions
■ Effortless integration of all required vendors and technologies, with reduced costs and risks
■ Easy to use, the cloud interface is independent from background technologies

Choosing an ETERE private cloud storage gives your business an unparalleled access and mobility, smarter workflows based around the cloud and a flexible storage management. A self-guided user interface enable cloud users to intelligently and efficiently perform all daily operations according to the company directions, from import and transcoding to export and delivery.
Last but certainly not least, ETERE's cloud management forms part of ETERE MERP, the endto-end solution that perfectly integrates your facility departments with an efficient cost design while giving you maximum control over all operations such as ingest, transfer, transcoding, scheduling, automation and more.

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