RadioTVlink Article on RTB's Etere Installation

17 February 2016

RadioTVlink featured an article on RTB's installation of Etere system. For the full article, please refer to the attached file (RTB upgrades to MERP).

Brunei state television upgrades to ETERE to manage its digital workflow. A complete MERP suite will migrate the archive and orchestrate the Media Capture, Management, Archive Editing and Delivery.
ETERE is proud to add another success story to its long list of international references, the top channel of Brunei, RTB has chosen ETERE to streamline its media asset management, from digital content ingest to delivery and archive.

RTB will move all their assets from the actual system based on SGT and DIVA to ETERE, this is a migration service provided by ETERE project management. With ETERE RTB can finally add value to their assets.

ETERE will also manage the Subtitling production moving RTB from an old CAVENA system to a fully digital and file-based system for production. The ETERE solution will improve of 200% the efficiency of the subtitling process.

The decision of implementing ETERE at the core of the media management system comes as part of RTB's project to switch over to a digital television within next years to provide programs with enhanced sound and picture quality.

The solution is designed relying on an ETERE MERP approach formed by a wide set of tightly integrated products ready to face the digital era and enable RTB to take full control of its entire media lifecycle including human and material resources.

ETERE WORKFLOW automatically manages all media activities both reliably and efficiently, ensuring an easy transfer with ETERE DATAMOVER and an any-to-any transcoding thanks to the clustered ETERE HIRES TRANSCODER system.

ETERE INGEST is used to capture media into GVG Profile video servers and digitize material stored in the tape archive. Captured files are submitted to an automated QC that includes an intelligent codec verification and proxy generation.

QC-passed content is catalogued using ETERE MAM, where metadata information is entered for future search and entire/partial media retrieval. Low-access-priority media is automatically archived by ETERE HSM in a digital tape library comprising 495 slots and 6 LTO6 drives.

Last but not least, a secure web portal has been implemented based on EtereWeb, allowing users to remotely access major Etere's media management functions as well as to smoothly deliver media material from Final Cut and Edius editing systems.