Radio TV Link: TVRI Expands with Etere for a New Ingest Station

17 February 2016

TVRI, a customer with Etere since 2005, reaffirms confidence in Etere system with the new addition of a ingest station based on MTX technology.

customer of Etere since 2005, TVRI, once again renews its vote of confidence with Etere. TVRI has selected Etere for the installation of a new ingest station consisting of 8 channels
based on MTX technology to meet increased demands.
Ingest is a critical process of any production and broadcast workflow, errors committed in this
stage are always costly and time consuming for a company. Etere provides the perfect balance
between video quality, storage usage and operational costs thanks to a all-in-one solution that
is able to capture content from almost any analog and digital source used in the industry. With the expansion of this integrated, flexible and cost efficient distributed architecture, TVRI is all set to raise the bar once again!

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