Etere Unveils ETX-G with Instant Commercial Graphics Preview

30 марта 2016

ETX-G marks a new milestone in graphics management with an integrated end-to-end process that combines approval, preview, invoicing, edit and play-out of commercial graphics.

Etere announced the launch of ETX-G, a next generation commercial graphics management software with a new efficient workflow that overrides any other graphics systems on the market. It boasts an efficient archive management system for all graphics databases combined with an intuitive user interface that enables SDI-supported, real-time previews and graphics media management.
More than just graphics management, ETX-G's expansive features include a multichannel media manager with automatic graphics detection, version control, workflow management and a wide range of software support including popular graphics editors such as Adobe.

Preview Graphics With a Simple PC
Elevate your competitiveness with Etere collaborative workflows, preview your graphics from any station on both computer monitor or SDI. ETX-G supports the revolutionary architecture of MERP that is able to seamlessly unify the entire commercial graphics workflow from production to editing, scheduling, invoicing, playout and so much more.

Choose Etere for an unparalleled advantage that enables you to elevate your competitiveness in today's dynamic broadcast environments. Etere is renowned for its reliability and it remains the only company to offer an end-to-end workflow solution for any broadcast and media company. Etere systems’ efficient load balancing capabilities distributes tasks across several resources for a fault-tolerant and exceptional performance. ETX-G ‘s seamless integration with Etere Airsales supports the logging of invoices for both automatically and manually triggered graphics. Once the commercial graphics invoices are approved, you are able to send real-time information directly to Etere ETX for editing of multiple layers of graphics, squeeze and 3D graphic animation. Subsequently, real-time connectivity with Etere Executive Editor manages your commercial graphics and broadcast schedules, ensuring a smooth transition and playout.

A collaborative workflow solution like Etere keeps all your resources connected, reduces costs, increase collaborations across inter-disciplinary departments and reduces manual operations. With full visibility across your entire workflow from a single interface, Etere offers a smoother workflow and increased operational efficiencies.

New Levels of Efficiencies with Pre-set, Preview and Program
Commercial graphics often represent business opportunities. Tap into the expansive potential of commercial graphics with Etere’s forward-thinking software solutions that helps you to achieve so much more. The advantageous pre-set and preview features equip operators with instant tools to perform preliminary checks on the graphics and enables addition or deletion of graphics anytime before playout. With video preview that supports SDI connectivity, operators are able to preview the graphics on television screens to simulate the play-out results. In addition, users are able to preview graphics with alpha channel. ETX-G simplifies commercial graphics management with real-time sharing of data combined with the ability to select, delete and view multiple graphics on the user friendly interface without the use of any hardware.

Power-packed Features
■ Enables real-time sharing of data and updates
■ Full 4K and IP support & SDI connectivity
■ Supports preview with Alpha Channel from asset form
■ Efficient archive management system for all graphics databases
■ Pre-set, preview and program allows preliminary checks on graphics before playout
■ Allows instant addition or deletion of graphics anytime before playout
■ Supports multiple graphics uploads
■ Automatic invoice logs
■ Ability to link up graphic objects such as texts, videos and pictures to multiple data sources
■ Multiple videocards compatibility with a single output
■ Supports popular graphics editors such as Adobe
■ Compatibility with multiple video cards

Etere's Dedicated 24/7 Support
With its dedicated support centre in Italy, Etere offers one of the best service in the market even for the most complex needs, offering 24/7 worldwide support and a web portal for real time updates.

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