Content and Technology: H264 Encoding available on Etere ETX

15 февраля 2016

Etere 26.1 launches Etere ETX with H264 encoding. Etere ETX is the next generation of 4K IT based solution, cost-efficient video management system to be launched on Etere 26.1.

Multiple H264 Encoder Options Available

■ Nvidia NVENC was introduced with the Kepler-based GeForce 600 series as a product feature that offloads
H264 video encoding from the host CPU. ■ NVENC support is available in ETX free of charge. ■ NVIDIA’s latest generation of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) based on the Kepler and Maxwell architecture;
contain a hardware-based H264 video encoder. It is commonly referred to as NVENC. ■ Nvidia CUDA Encoder. ■ Intel Quick Sync. ■ x264 Encoder (GPL).

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