Content and Technology: Etere Integrates ClassX for News Graphics

15 февраля 2016

Etere has announced a collaboration with ClassX to integrate ClassX MOS technology into Etere’s Nu newsroom solution providing users with a single interface to manage dynamic newsroom needs.

Etere Nunzio is the newsroom management component of Etere’s MERP which provides an all-in-one solution for multi-media planning and collaboration across different production units such as radio, TV or web departments, editorial driven workflow and metadata management.

Nunzio’s fully automated capabilities includes a central collection point for incoming agency wires, which are immediately available for users. The newsroom management component of Etere MERP also features open standards and multiple integration paths to provide efficient cross-system operation. Nunzio also offers story templates for quick story creation and for accelerating story production. Etere’s rich text editor combines all elements (presenter, voiceover, mos, ecc.) of the story in one screen. The rich text editor prepares the text for the prompter and keeps track of the real story duration compared to the scheduled duration.

With the advanced graphics capabilities of ClassX MOS onboard, Etere Nunzio is able to advance its graphic management capabilities and tap into new technological advances such as:
Real-Time Edits with ActiveX Plugin – Etere Nunzio-ClassX MOS integration uses the advanced ActiveX plugin which allows it to be accessed directly from Etere interface. This gives users the ability to navigate, pre-visualise and edit templates in real-time.

Social Media Integration – Etere Nunzio-ClassX MOS integration allows newsrooms to showcase social media postings and polls in real time. This interactive environment is made possible with its integration with Spredfast streams and second screens through the app Parterre. Meanwhile, SocialPlayer integrates with the graphics playout and provides multiple connections, push notifications and instant updates.

3D Effects and Layouts – With the ClassX MOS integration, Etere Nunzio users are also able to apply 3D effects and hundreds of eye-catching layouts. Modifications are made easy with a wide variety of template forms, pre-defined graphic animations, videos and images to choose from.