Content and Technology: Etere 26.1 Has Launched

15 февраля 2016

Etere recently announced the launch of Etere 26.1 which comes bundled with the latest innovations to enable media organisations to fully maximise their media assets.

With Etere 26.1, MAM now comes bundled with Resource Management features designed to maximise profitability and increase operational efficiency. Etere’s Resource Management goes beyond the limitations of a traditional broadcast management system. It is designed as a powerful and unified solution that manages all broadcast related activities with significant cost savings in operational expenditure.
With Etere 26.1, customers can look forward to a new web based GUI for all modules that provides mobility with a highly integrative system. The Etere architecture is configured with flexibility in mind and the interfaces of all our modules are built on the latest IT technologies to provide the best user experience.
A new HTML5 player equipped with the capacity to play low and high resolutions with multiple audio tracks will be included with proxy and transcoding. The player comes complete with rich features and the latest technology in graphics, animations and text crawls to ensure the highest performance.