Content + Technology Features on Etere 26.1

15 февраля 2016

Etere announced Etere 26.1 will support the latest generation Linear Tape-Open Generation 7 (LTO-7) technology, driving reliability, speed and capacity to address demanding archiving needs.

Etere 26.1 Power Packed Features

■ Enhanced archiving performance and reliability
■ Comes bundled with the new Etere HTML5 player(See New Etere HTML5 player chapter)
■ Supports Windows 10
■ Partitioning functionality using Linear Tape File System (LTFS)
■ Hardware-based encryption
■ WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many)

Key Technology Advancements
Doubled read/write heads in an advanced servo format to help achieve higher track density and data storage functionalities to
the same amount of tape within the cartridge
New formulation advancements provide stronger magnetic properties which helps to increase capacity.
Delivering Unprecedented Capacity
Etere 26.1 is able to store more than double the tape cartridge capacity from the previous generation, including storage
capacities of up to 15TB of compressed data and up to 6TB of uncompressed data per cartridge.
Faster Data Transfer
Etere 26.1 improves transfer rates and data processing by up to 88%. Large files will transfer more quickly with tape drive data
transfer rates that are up to 750MB per second, which can translate to more than 2.7 terabytes of data an hour per drive.
Better Reliability
Bit error rate impacts reliability and availability of data. With LTO-7 technology, Etere 26.1 increases reliability in storage media
to a significant extent with only one bit error every 1.25 exabytes of data, or 200,000 LTO-7 cartridges.