Etere Advanced QC is the most advanced and Cost-effective

19 January 2016

Etere Advanced QC, a fully featured, comprehensive video file quality check system with better features and performances than any other competitive system.

Etere is adding yet another module to its highly effective Etere MERP solution and that is the much anticipated advanced video quality check system, Etere Advanced QC. The addition of Etere Advanced QC strengthens Etere's position to manage the complete lifecycle of any media or broadcast company with a total software solution that is ready to grow with the company.

Etere Advanced QC is a robust software to check video file quality and it is the most advanced system in the market. Developed as an extension of ETERE workflow, it is a multi-file, load balanced and redundant solution to put every file to the test.

The greatest advantages of Etere Advanced QC in comparison with the competition are the speed and features coupled with high flexibility in the integration of existing workflows. Above all, Etere Advanced QC is a highly competitive product.
Open Attached document for Comparison of Features

Etere Advanced QC is a single licence with NO hidden options. Features include:

■ Intuitive environment reduces the complexity of the configuration of QC tasks
■ Efficient iterative analysis: one-time analysis with multiple thresholds modifications
■ Efficient use of hardware and computing power, Unlimited CPU license
■ Support of GPU accelleration
■ Delivery of analysis from live sources
■ Supports simultaneous multi-users
■ Multi-formats
■ Multi-levels reporting environments
■ Multi parameters analysis
■ Simultaneous analysis of multiple sources in parallel without optional licences. ■ QC speed faster than real-time
■ Modular, scalable architecture with redundancy and load balancing. ■ Supports unique parameters, i.e.: field order detection, digital Betacam artifacts
■ Support all standard formats including HEVC
■ Support 4K content
■ Audio loudness analysis including EBU R128
■ Syntax error detection
■ Web based system allows local and remote use
■ Access to networked content repositories
■ In-depth analysis of contents with frame/waveform detailed view
■ reports integrated in ETERE MAM
■ Measured parameter values directly stored in MAM
■ Reporting of time codes and frame references
■ Task progress view
■ UNICODE support for extended character sets
■ Integrated with ETERE Player for quality preview on Both computer screen or SDI
■ Licence independent from the hardware used

Detection Parameters:

■ Video Block
■ Video Blur
■ Digital Betacam Errors
■ DV Artifacts
■ Luminance Line Errors
■ Chrominance Line Errors
■ Interlacing Artifacts
■ Field Order Detection
■ Audio Clipping
■ Flash/Strobe artifacts
■ Scene Cut Detection
■ Min. Luminance Level
■ Max. Luminance Level
■ Chroma Headroom Violations
■ Super Black
■ Luminance headroom Violations
■ Black Frame Detection
■ Brightness
■ Contrast
■ Temporal Complexity
■ Picture Quality Score
■ Sequence Quality Score
■ Audio Levels (DBFS)
■ Audio Silence
■ Audio Absence
■ Freeze Frame Detection