Playbox Customers Can Upgrade to a More Professional Etere

26 November 2015

A new market to address for all our distributors, be ready!

Please view the attachment for the full announcement, "nsa Announces U.S. PlayBox Spin-Off" and "PlayBox is introducing ATHENSA".

In the wake of the Playbox saga which cumulated with a message on its former website that states that Playbox had entered into a license agreements with the two licensees, PlayBox Technology Ltd and Athensa LLC, it is inevitable that some Playbox customers may be confused about the two brands and the differences that separate them.

Taking the situation into consideration, we would like to extend a recommendation for customers who may be looking for a more professional system to upgrade to Etere.

We have also prepared good news for existing Playbox customers. Etere will be unveiling Etere ETX equipped with 4K capabilities soon and Playbox hardware can be put to good use with the new ETX. Playbox customers who wish to upgrade to Etere can expect competitive pricing exclusive for them!

Etere was founded in 1987 with the focus to provide consistency and excellence to its customers. Etere is armed with a team ready to address your customer's concerns or to showcase our product line so please feel free to drop us an email at: