Etere's New Break Counter

30 июля 2008

Etere launches a new feature for commercial management that improves the broadcasting workflow and simplifies the management of commercials.

Leading software developer Etere announces a new feature: a break related counter. This special counter improves the broadcasting workflow and makes the management of commercials much easier.

This counter can be viewed from anywhere in Automation, Presentation Editor and Instant Editor and is a fundamental feature of the Etere playout system for TV stations.

This counter has two key functions relating to commercial breaks. During programs it counts down the time to the next scheduled commercial break. During the break itself it counts down the time to the end of break. In this way commercial scheduling is easier and more precise. Moreover, the operator can have an overall control of the playout.

This new counter is available on:
• Win 32 interface
• Web interface
• Studio counters
• Hardware Digital displays and Undermonitors

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