Etere Automation Voted the Best Automation Software of the Year

18 February 2001

THE WINNER IS ETERE AUTOMATION: Etere Automation voted the best Automation Software of the year.

Broadcast & Production, among the major broadcast magazine in Italy, organized the “Awards 2000”.

It’s the first award assigned from the broadcast market, in fact the jury has been format with technical
of broadcast world, which use all the days the products.
Etere has win the award bet the rivals with a big advantage:

- ETERE Automation: 44 points
- HARRIS Louth Adc100: 20 points
- SONY Smartcard: 16 points

This is the best pride for Etere, because it means that the company have a good product, it’s doing a good work and finally also an Italian product is very competitive.

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