Etere & CANAL +

27 августа 2000

Finally Canal+ chooses its new platform for TV channels.

After a long tender, ETERE has been chosen, together with SeaChange videoserver technology.
ETERE offers a new platform to create Nvod channels less expensive than competitors as well as technically advances.
Why ETERE has been selected:
- ETERE is easy to upgrade, the first step of 8 channels is just the beginning, a sort of practice to fine tuning ETERE in Canal+ environment

- ETERE unique distributed technology, that creates systems intrinsically fault tolerant and flexible

- ETERE virtualization of devices to create a distributed installation where some operations can be performed very far from transmission site

- ETERE scheduling, that is not only an operator schedule but also a complete high level system to create scheduling also across networks, especially with the new Nvod oriented extensions

- ETERE independence from hardware; from now on the whole Canal+ will be managed by simple “off the shelf” P

- ETERE open architecture that helps to connect to today and tomorrow groupware systems of Canal+

- ETERE flexibility, within 30 days some custom ancillary functions will be delivered

- ETERE integration with SeaChange technology, that gives Canal+ a unique reference for any problem which could arise in the future.
The first installation of 8 NVOD channels with a BMC 1200 will be in August, the on air date is 30TH September. ETERE & SeaChange will provide software and videoserver while all the PCs, Nt server and Ethernet networking
will be provided by Canal +.

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