102.5 HIT CHANNEL a music television

10 декабря 2000

10 years after automating “RTL 102.5” ETERE’s software has been chosen again to automate 102.5 Hit Channel.

This new TV station is not the typical television, but its main purpose is to emulate a radio station in video. 102.5 Hit Channel is unique in that it is a fully interactive Music TV broadcasting around the clock.
ETERE Automation is set-up to work either in a fully automatic fashion or, by the use of 3 cart-walls, in a completely manual mode.
A Grass Valley master control allows the mixing of the two operating schemes. The cart-walls connected to a SeaChange videoserver simplify the airing of live, last minute segments.
Under ETERE’s control is a SeaChange Broadcast Media Cluster videoserver. In parallel with the on-air operation, ETERE generates dynamic web pages with total integration between web and automation.
These are some of the main features of ETERE Web:

· Commercial check
· Guide of actually on air programs
· Review of broadcasted programs
· TV guide of future programs

To improve the flexibility of the system, all serially controllable devices are connected via a serial HUB making use of Ethernet TCP/IP protocol.
The countdown at the end of an event, as well as the beginning of one, is displayed by an under-monitor.
This system utilizes 27 undermonitor units allowing the various operators and directors to keep under control
every aspect of the operation.
The reliability of the system is greatly improved by the use of “Cloning”. This technology consists of two automations running the same play-list in parallel.

One of the automation is connected to the “Main” and thesecond one to the “Back-up”. In case of trouble on the Main system the automation reverts, in a transparent fashion to the Back-up.
Mirroring, which consists of duplicate copies of the most important files, is also part of this system.

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