EVS Integration: Etere Automation, Available for EVS

18 December 2000

ETERE Automation drives EVS video servers. ETERE is a leading company in the Broadcast automation market for news scheduling and integrated solutions.

EVS Broadcast Equipment offers a range of cost effective multi-channel video servers and invited the Italian automation company ETERE to design an interface to these products. The ETERE engineers finished the development of the EVS driver swiftly. EVS video servers under control of ETERE Automation provide a reliable, powerful and easy to use system.
This first opportunity to collaborate opens a path of synergy for the benefit of both companies and their customers.

ETERE is a leading company in the Broadcast automation market for news scheduling and integrated solutions, already interfacing to most video servers on the market.

EVS has a rich experience with hard disk recording through its award winning LSM Live Slow Motion system, now porting this expertise into the field of video servers, both for production use as well as for contribution /distribution applications.
A fast growing number of Broadcasters are automated by ETERE. Why this big success? Because the ETERE Automation System is the Most Powerful, Flexible and Popular Automation System in the Broadcast World.
ETERE is not just an automation system but it offers solutions in 11 areas:
■ Automation, with a distributed architecture: the new patented ETERE technology
■ Scheduling, integrated scheduling system with the max precision and two-level scheduling
■ Traffic, dramatically simplified commercial management is integrated with automation and invoicing
■ Media Manager, a comprehensive an easy to use solution to move video files back and forth between servers and archive. ■ Music Scheduling, a powerful and flexible software for the creation of your musical archive and your playlist. ■ Fault Tolerance, real automatic safety for your system and integration of the function of Clone, Protect and One to Many Backup
■ Browsing, a low cost solution perfectly integrated with ETERE Automation. ETERE automation supports different hardware solutions for browsing. ■ News, a simple software-only solution to create your TV stories in a quick and simple way
■ Billing, complete and automatic billing management. ■ Statistics, statistical analysis of your schedule, before and after the onair. ■ Web, the first integration between automation and WEB. The most complete, simple and powerful automation software on the market.
EVS servers’ main features:
Unprecedented cost /performance ratio from physically compact packages. Different compression schemes available: >Low ratio (down to 4:1) “I-frame only” approach for instant access production applications. >“Long GOP” MPEG2-DVB systems available for contribution /distribution. The MPEG2-DVB
versions offer a unique “DVB all the way through” concept.
Configurations are available from an entry-level dual channel production system all the way
to a full-blown 60-channel VOD powerhouse, several of which can be (SAN-) networked.
Raid Redundancy
Disk storage can be configured in many different ways to accommodate a wide range of applications. For secure On-Air use Raid-5 redundancy may be implemented

Mix & Wipe transitions
The 4 and 6 channel production systems offer integrated transition effects.

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