Automation System

13 октября 2009

A powerful, flexible and reliable solution to entirely automate your playout system.

Etere, the worldwide leading broadcasting software solution, able to enhance broadcasters’ potentials in terms of functioning under a modular workflow-based approach, offers a complete automation system that includes a real-time device control and media asset management through an all-embracing mix of features and capabilities. Etere Automation, owing to the distributed architecture of Etere, is able to suite all broadcaster needs, it runs on Windows OS and is able to control all the broadcast system devices.

Etere Automation combines the versatility of using the same database of the Etere Media Asset Management to integrate all the activities in a single environment, and the reliability of using an independent database for the final playout, adding in this way a decisive strong point of reliability to the overall system. An inexpensive and easy to use subtitles manager is provided, allowing broadcasters to either create or import subtitles with frame-accuracy, enhanced preview capabilities, and without using third-parties; allowing a further integration of subtitles management with the overall system workflow. Moreover, Etere Automation is able to manage all secondary events associated to scheduled events with a simple graphical tool, being also possible to preview the secondary events in low-resolution before playout.

Etere is the best fault-tolerant solution in the market since it is the only system with distributed playout intelligence and with simultaneous main and clone systems; this characteristic makes of Etere the best choice against improvised old automation systems with “added” fault-tolerance. And Etere Automation does not stops here, because owing to the use of redundant Ethernet connections, it gives you more than fault-tolerance, it gives you fault-resilience, that is, while the first means that if one component fails you still can broadcast with the 50% of your system, the second one means that if you there was a fault in one part of your system you still can broadcast with the 90% of your system.

Etere Automation can be used under various fault-tolerance schemes such as Backup (whenever the Main system crashes, the Backup takes over), Backup One to Many (an affordable quality solution for at least three to five main channels), Clone (two synchronized, independent and ready to switch systems with automation controllers) or a Disaster Recovery (the best assurance if the whole system crashes, a Clone Server is synchronized to the Main Server in a different facility).

Etere helps you to integrate several stations with its multi-channel capabilities, thus making schedule management on several channels so much easier, allowing all events to be previewed and their actual duration displayed. A schedule grid is represented horizontally so you can easily highlight different programs on different channels and programs can be located at first glance thanks to an efficient employment of colour association.

The distributed architecture of Etere’s system, permits broadcasters to achieve all the benefits of an integrated environment in a single package with a coherent interface, allowing all function-specific modules to interact mutually, you will see ingest, scheduling, automation and all other modules working together to bring excellence to your station.

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