TeleStudio Modena goes on air with ETERE

16 декабря 2009

ETERE has recently announced that Telestudio Modena has deployed an Etere-Based Broadcasting System for managing its multichannel broadcast operations.

Telestudio Modena is an Italian television network which transmits in the regions Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Veneto and Lombardia; it offers a 24-hours uninterrupted transmission of its four channels that mainly deliver news, sports and entertainment programs to an approximate daily audience of 670’000 viewers.
Etere, a leading supplier of software broadcasting solutions, announced that Italy’s Telestudio Modena has updated its broadcasting system to Etere; the installation of Etere comprises distinct capabilities such as cost-efficiency, fault-resiliency and a highly-flexible architecture that easily fit with the operation workflow of the station by using specific modules for each broadcasting process.
Etere Automation is the module on charge of sending on air the four channels managed by the station (i.e.: Tele Studio Modena, Studio Europa, Appennino TV and Globe Media) with remarkable advantages as quality, reliability and the chance to operate their broadcasting in real time.
Telestudio Modena manages its daily schedule with Etere Scheduling, the module that permits to accurately program all assets meant to be aired, being also allowed the management of secondary events.
The recording of video material is carried out through Etere Ingest, allowing the station to carry out not only a manual and automatic ingestion, but also to perform various post-recording operations such as video file check out, quality control, statistics calculation, etc.
Additionally, the station now accomplish with the Italian legal recording obligations, because it counts with ETERE Memory, the digital video logging system that record and archive all programs sent on air by the four TV channels so they can also keep track of everything that has run within configurable time slots.
The distributed architecture of the Etere system offers maximum flexibility in scaling system components. The system meets the specific needs of Telestudio Modena’s installation and efficiently fits all the broadcasting equipment present along the station including:
• 13 Pc’s with CAL licenses (Client Access License),
• 3 Video Servers SeaChange MCL connected to a BML,
• 1 Video Router A/V,
• 2 VTR’s.

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