TELE MONTENEVE improves its system with ETERE

20 January 2010

Tele Monteneve has streamlined its operations and gained new functionalities by installing an Etere based system, now the station is able to offer an avant-garde service to the Italian Northern Alps audience.

Tele Monteneve is an Italian television network born at Livigno, Italy on 1990. It is the European television broadcaster with the highest headquarters since it is situated in the Italian northern Alps at 1800 meters above sea level. Tele Monteneve’s programming is basically oriented to keep tourists and residents of the Livigno valley informed through the delivery of news, sports, cultural and weather programmes.
The solution offered by Etere to Tele Monteneve has brought to the station a comprehensive level of organization which permits it to carry out even the more complex broadcast processes as a single integrated system.
Etere Automation send on-air the two channels managed by the station under a full caching approach, that is, by using a single video server meant to broadcast all contents, thus providing Tele Monteneve with various advantages such as extreme flexibility, quality, and reliability; characteristics that result in an easy and automatic transmission of events without any need of human intervention.
Etere Traffic Lite is a simple commercial planning module with basic functions to carry out the scheduling of commercial events and to effectively invoice them while Etere Executive Editor is used to create schedules in advance including secondary events, but also allows performing last-minute changes directly on running schedules.
Tele Monteneve acquires contents directly into the video server through either Etere Ingest, the ideal solution to ingest contents from various sources presents on the station (e.g.: live feeds, VTR’s, XDCam, Cart Machines, etc), or NLE systems (e.g.: Edius, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid, etc).
Etere Active Sync is the module used to monitoring all directories where media is automatically stored after being digitized from the NLE devices, so that each time a new file is placed in a monitored directory, an asset form is automatically generated within the Etere database pointing to the related video file.
Once digitized and stored, contents are transferred to the video server from which they will be sent on air by Etere Data Mover; this application is able to automatically migrate video files between storage devices and video servers and/or from between multiple video servers under a fully workflow-based approach. Thanks to this module video clips will always be in the right place at the right time.
Etere Memory is the reliable media logger used by Tele Monteneve to record and store all the transmitted contents of its two channels in the last three months. Recorded events are stored in low resolution format (Mpeg4/WMV), allowing in this way, to keep track of all events broadcasted within a configurable time slot and as consequence, fulfil with broadcast recording laws.
Tele Monteneve’s new system installation is currently controlling through the use of Etere all the broadcast equipment used on its facility, amongst them we can mention the following ones:

• 1 Video Server Gammared Shine,
• 2 Logo Generator/Character Generator integrated on the video server,
• 1 Video Router,
• 2 VTR’s,
• 2 NLE systems, Edius and Adobe Premiere.

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