Etere launches De Agostini on satellite TV

09 December 2009

The prestigious italian publishing house De Agostini debuts on television with DeAKids, a satellite channel completely managed by an Etere solution.

DeAKids is a children satellite channel, on-air since October 2008. Owned by De Agostini S.p.A., one of the ancient publishing houses in Italy, it has been created to offer entertaining and educational contents principally oriented to kids aged between three and twelve years old. The entire programming of DeAKids is transmitted by the production house Interactive Group. Currently, Etere manages various channels produced by Interactive Group, this relationship confirms the leading position of Etere in the Italian market as the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective broadcast solution, characteristic that has led DeAKids to entrust Etere
as the system responsible of its assets management including their ingestion, commercial scheduling, rights management and playout. The channel is offered in two versions, DeAKids and DeAKids +1, being the latter a time-shift channel that delivers the same content of the first one with the only difference that it is delayed by one hour (+1). DeaKids and DeaKids +1 are both sent on Air by Etere Automation, the playout system capable to offer a fully redundant reliability and a high performance based on the use of a synchronized backup server ready to be switched immediately in case of any failure in the main server. Additionally, owing to the use of Etere STMAN, automation is able to manage and control in an advanced way all secondary events programmed to be on-air, as well as graphics of each single event for each channel. DeAKids counts with a versatile media capturing system due to the use of Etere Ingest, the software that allows media retrieving from all existing feeds through either manual or automatic actions; subsequently to their ingestion, media files are stored in high resolution by Etere Data
Mover, which with a professional workflow-based approach that includes migration of media files between storage nodes, permits them to be at the right place, at the right time. The programming is carried out by Etere Scheduling, which is fully integrated with an advanced assets management system adequately enriched with all tape loan operations carried out by DeAKids, Etere Scheduling offers a robust support for importing and exporting daily schedules, a comprehensive management of secondary events, and a helpful low-resolution browsing that allows operators to preview scheduled events with frame-accuracy. Since commercial programming is performed by a proper department, it is also managed through a proper application, Etere Traffic, enabling operators to execute the commercial planning and commissioning such in a way that commercial orders are professionally generated and efficiently managed to maximize productivity and air time planning. All licensed assets such as movies and series are controlled by Etere BMS, the application that allows an easy and frame-accurate scheduling of short, medium and long term programmes, soany licensed asset is entirely controlled before going on Air and correctly invoiced after that. DeAKids counts with Etere Memory to take care automatically of the legal recording of broadcasted contents, which implements a low resolution (WMV format) archive of transmitted events, thus, DeAKids can keep track of everything that has run within a configurable time slot. The Etere system has been perfectly integrated with the station in terms of hardware compatibility, Etere is getting the maximum potential from the equipment used by DeAKids, which is composed by the following devices:
• 20 Pc’s with CAL licenses (Client Access License),
• 2 Video Servers Leitch Nexio,
• 2 CG/Titler Harris IconStation,
• 2 Logo Generator Harris IconLogo
• 2 Routers,
• 2 VTR’s Ingest,
• External DSK’s.

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