Etere goes beyond Media Asset Management

28 октября 2009

Etere 19 upgrades Tapeless and Media Asset Management.

MAM in the market is simply metadata container, while Tapeless systems uses file instead of tapes, but the biggest problem is how to organize all contents, how perform a file movement dependent from metadata.
But then if all the files are moved depending on metadata, an important issue arise how to track the movement and how to request a signature when someone send or receive a file. This request makes a Tapeless system also a Paperless system, consequently Paperless is more complex than tapeless and it’s the future of Tapeless.
A real Paperless system must have:
■ Document management
■ Digital signatures or something equivalent
■ Unlimited layers of access. ■ Full tracking and permission on every metadata changes. ■ Virtualization of the storage
■ Virtualization of NLE
■ Virtualization of playback video server
■ Fully customizable metadata driven workflow.
After Tapeless and Media Asset Management is time to really move from tape based system to fully ERP based. This is why Etere is pushing a MERP solution, ERP technologies with rich media extension.

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