Media Asset Management

05 октября 2009

Etere Media Asset Management is an effective solution that streamlines the operational workflow including ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets.

Etere MAM is set of integrated applications which conforms a comprehensive Media Asset Management system, able to fit and streamline any digital operations workflow, by allowing to perfectly integrate core components such as the acquisition of contents (capture and encoding of digital media), editing of contents (creation and preparation of digital media), and management of rights (track of media’s contractual rights).
Etere MAM is based on an extensible SQL database, and it is complemented by the various Etere modules which permit the entire system to reach a high level of integration, reliability and functionality; amongst the most important operations included on Etere MAM, the following can be mentioned:

■ “Media Ingest”: The use of Etere Ingest, automated ingest followed by highly effective and fully integrated quality control and metadata association
■ “Moving of Content”: It is fully integrated with Etere HSM, the intelligent hierarchical storage management system that controls the movement of media content between devices
■ “Metadata Support”: Advanced metadata can be associated with each media file, ensuring fully comprehensive media content definition. Metadata can be asset or frame specific and can be constantly updated even after the original file is created
■ “Data Sharing”: Etere Asset Management ensures that all data associated to an asset (media, EPG, EDL, secondary events etc) is managed in centralized Asset Forms fully integrated and available across systems and applications
■ “Multi-Format Transcoding”: automatic generation of both high and low resolution versions in real time, so contents can be correctly delivered to multiple platforms
■ “Workflow Management”: The entire system is managed under an integrated workflow approach, which clearly defines each complex step of the broadcasting process
■ “Proxy Generation”: Custom creation of low-resolution copies of content suitable for distribution, viewing and editing on standard office desktops
■ “Search and Retrieval”: A unique and highly effective content retrieval system supports a multitude of search definitions which ensures an accurate and fast content retrieval
■ “Content Protection”: Intellectual property rights are managed for all assets, including the ability to watermark digital content to prevent unapproved reproduction
■ “Web Accessibility”: Etere Web gives access to media content from both central and remote locations, allowing real-time content search, retrieval, browsing and manipulation
■ “Content Management System”: Etere CMS, the intelligent content management system, ensures quality of contents by identifying black/freezed video, irregular audio levels and scene changes

Etere uses a so-called Asset Form to centralize the management of assets, which are mainly composed by a video content, associated metadata and rights information, within an Asset Form it is possible to insert metadata, associate media files, define rights, launch workflows, etc. Summarizing, Etere MAM is a comprehensive digital asset management solution that will help optimize media content usage and return on investment by ensuring that your media is both fully accessible and easily retrievable.

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