Tapeless Workflow

02 October 2009

Integrate your system into a tapeless solution and say goodbye to physical management of assets.

Tapeless Workflow is a growing technology that currently, broadcasters are planning to use and lots of them are already using, in both cases, broadcasters does not have the knowledge to exploit correctly this new technology, because it is hard to carry out such a difficult transition if they do not count with the right solution. A major part of stations is not leveraging the tapeless technology as far as the benefits of digital workflow are concerned; they are simply using digital workflow to replace analogue workflow, without professional software that really improves their systems.

Etere’s approach is not focused to take your station workflow into a “less-tape” level but into a really “tape-less” system, by offering broadcasters the possibility of introducing a digital-based workflow concept to take full advantage of digital technology while taking into account the following characteristics that any tapeless system should understand:
■ The biggest value of a broadcaster is its workflow, because it is the core of the overall broadcasting process, if it does not fit your needs, the global solution will not do it either
■ Everything is organized to shoot, produce, elaborate and send on-air every frame. Etere knows it and carry out efficiently and accurately, all steps present in your workflow
■ A workflow must be based on a tapeless solution. Etere allows broadcasters to process digitally their whole content in form of data files from recording until broadcasting
■ A serious project in order to be comprehensive must include a tapeless reception, with which only certain people can digitally deliver restricted video and metadata
■ A tapeless reception must be well-organized to avoid loss of content, because the reduction of loss derives into the increase of revenues

The integration of a Tape Library System into an existing IT environment will radically improve its overall workflow; Etere will completely control it, being able to carry out all tape-related operations such as cataloguing, physical movements, feeding, loan, etc. A tape library allows having a virtual space easily expandable, where once an asset is created, a properly bar-coded tape is automatically assigned to it, and a physical verification is performed, thus guaranteeing the reliability of the entire system.

Etere’s tapeless workflow approach is both the most reliable and advanced solution in the market, Etere knows that it is easy to take a station into a tapeless system, but it is hard to really control all the processes involved on it, this is why we have identified the key points to consolidate in order to implement a truly tapeless system:

■ If a tapeless system is not fully controlled, information will not be able to be retrieved at 100%. Etere tracks every single process within the system and notify their results
■ The shared directory approach is easy but lacks in control. Etere define instructions and authorizations that must be followed by the processes in order to move forward
■ The need of having a custom workflow, because all broadcasters work differently. Etere allows stations to design its own workflow such in a way that all processes from ingestion to automation are correctly suited to the organization’s needs

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