02 октября 2009

An innovative solution to combine Etere's potential with the ultimate Matrox video technology, directly and without using third-parties

Etere MTX, the application offered by Etere to drive the most popular HD/SD Matrox digital video/audio/graphics editing platforms, without using any middleware or additional program. By combining the professional effects technology of a wide range of industry standard codecs with an Etere system, you will be able to capture in both high and standard definition formats over analogue inputs, and mix in real-time all types of footage on a timeline with more layers and/or effects, that is, with Etere MTX you will be able to perform parallel multiformat ingestions.

Nowadays, Matrox offers a wide range of broadcast devices for both video playout and graphics, being them well diffused in the broadcasting industry, where lots of broadcasters are mostly using them either without really suitable software or with software that costs more than its functional worth. Etere as usual, has paid attention to these current broadcasters needs, and has decided to develop a software solution that can be at the same time efficient, reliable and coherent in terms of price, among the most relevant features that Etere MTX offers and make of it a competitive solution, the following ones can be mentioned:

• Etere MTX fully supports the configuration of Matrox cards,
• All compression schemas and wrappers are supported, including for example MPG2, DV, DVCpro, AVI, MXF and QT. • Etere MTX includes a graphics engine which allows overlaying fixed Logos and Crawls. • Etere MTX, unlike other solutions, is offered as low-price software that includes free upgrades and updates as all Etere products. • The rendering engine of Matrox cards can be controlled in real-time by Etere MTX, being even capable to produce statics or dynamic graphic overlays. • Etere MTX is able to work on a dedicated computer so it will exploit the whole potential of Matrox video cards, forming at the same time an important part of a distributed Etere system.
Etere MTX software will allow broadcasters to have a more tight integration with playout devices at a lower cost, offering them a cutting-edge product with an outstanding performance, a complete support and most important, an unbeatable relation between quality and price.

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