Etere Automation for RadioTelecolor

13 июня 2000

One of the most important among sicilians radio station chooses Etere to renew its system

If we have a look at the audience rating of Sicilian radio stations, it is easy to remark that RadioTele Color is among the most successful ones. When this station decided to renew the full broadcasting system and implement technological features, it had no other choice but to turn to the most efficient automation software in the broadcast world, that is ETERE Automation.

ETERE Automation offers a lot of advantages: flexibility, security, low costs.

All these features make it suitable to all radio broadcasting stations, no matter whether they are big, medium or small; a guarantee is the great number of channels ETERE can send simultaneously to the air. ETERE Automation manages the on air of the three channels linked up to RadioTele Color.

The system consists in one NT Server (containing data, archives and audio files of all stations) and three on air NT workstations, one for each channel. ETERE automatically sends to the air all events in sequence, and controls all devices connected to the system. The play-list, and therefore the broadcasting, can be modified in real time with the Automation editor.

Two channels, out of three, broadcast news every 30 minutes, getting them via satellite from two of the most important press agencies: CNR and Area.

ETERE allows both the direct, automatic transmission and the recording, in order to broadcast them after integrating “local” news and customized start/end signature tunes. To meet the needs of one of the three stations ETERE Split has been installed also, a software to manage commercial simultaneous broadcasting in different areas and basins.

ETERE is not an automation software only, as it can be used to manage all the main activities of a broadcasting station; in this particular case, in fact, RadioTele Color has been provided with ETERE Money, the software module to manage billing and accounting of the three stations.

The insertion or deleting of commercials at the last minute means the automatic updating of invoices, and there is also the possibility to print a report of each commercial withdetails such as transmission date and time.

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