Etere for RAI News 24

18 мая 2000

Rai News24 is a satellite station broadcasting news from all over the world 24 hours a day.

Besides satellite transmission, it takes part into RAITRE nightly schedule till morning, and is a relevant presence on WEB Etere, in effective co-operation with SONY, has dedicated itself to the designing of a system able to integrate in the main SONY one, which sees to the creation of News24 schedules. Etere has therefore created a product with the same "look and feel" as SONY’s, with the support of an MAV-70 video-server. Every day, Etere software replaces Sony Automation for some hours, in order to allow the maintenance of the main system. Etere News automates the three main environments of News24:
Filing: the recording of clips
Browsing: the creation of stories
Play-out: the automation of the on-air. Filing controls both the 4 MAV-70 channels and 4 ETERE Mpeg1 encoders, which provide for the simultaneous recording of clips in low quality. Browsing is the creative section, where journalists can make up stories; the browsing allows to check the schedule previous to final editing. The same display shows both high and low quality browsing, and high and low quality devices are always controlled in a synchronous way. To edit the schedule, low quality preview can be done directly from the PC; with no need for additional devices or cables, Etere browsing integrates both previews, the low quality one through Mpeg1 video and the high quality one through one of MAV-70 outputs. Playout allows the on air of one story at a time, with the possibility to stop at the end of each. It is an extremely flexible software which enables to modify stories whenever needed to adjust to last minute changes typical of all schedules dealing with news.

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