Telenova chooses Etere

12 февраля 1998

Telenova, the Lombard broadcasting station of Sanpaolo’s Group, can boast to have been the first local TV station with fully digital management.

The idea dates back to 1994, but the project takes shape the following year. ETERE Automation, which already controls the radio station automation, is then asked to take care of the whole system of this new television station.

The core of the station is the room which houses the recording and on-air system, based on four Profiles and two PLS digital libraries.

The system is made up of two sections: besides the Main there is a Backup one, which takes over in case of any problem or possible failure of the Main.

The switching from Main to Backup in case of an emergency is completely automatic.

ETERE has supplied the broadcasting station with a complete software package, among which Media Manager, that provides to safety copies between the main system and the backup one, as well as to move contributions between video-server and digital libraries.

The system is provided with Browsing, an additional feature of ETERE Automation to memorize in low quality
all what recorded in the video-server, and therefore in the cart machines.

ETERE, while recording contributions on video-server, records a low quality copy of material in MPEG format.
The whole Telenova’s headquarters building has been wired to permit access to low quality images everywhere, in view of schedule editing.

The browsing allows to check the schedule previous to final editing; high and low quality devices are always controlled in a synchronous way.

Low quality preview can be done directly from the PC with no need for additional devices or cables, which means no further burdens for the operator.

The low quality storage is completely automatic, respecting lengths and times of the original clip with frame accuracy. Other devices connected to ETERE are a Quartz router (64by 64) that connects every device and an under automation control; in the whole station only 1 control panel is installed.

A logo generator and a clock generator by Miles and a Pinnacle’s Titler complete themain TV devices.

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