OBN extends Etere solution

14 апреля 2008

Etere system has been implemented with additional facilities at OBN.

Etere has extended its software solution for the OBN TV station in Sarajevo and has provided them with a redundant playout system for the management of their TV channel, scheduling and automation in main and clone mode.

OBN have already relied on Etere for the management of a TV channel playout and have renewed their fidelity bond with Etere, choosing the most efficient solution for their needs. Now they have moved towards a more integrated solution with Etere software upgrade in order to control the complete TV channel workflow.

Etere has provided OBN with Etere HSM for long term storage. It manages the digital tape library with LTO-3 HP tapes integrated with Media Manager and enhances search performances for quick and easy retrieval. Etere HSM allows a perfect control on OBN playout scheduling. It integrates with the Sql database and moves the files into the digital tapes for long term archiving.

Etere HSM uses Windows drivers to interface with the hardware, as does the whole Etere suite.

Etere system at OBN controls 2 Seachange 15001 video servers, 2 VTRs for ingest, Audio/Video router and logo generator.

Thanks to its scalability, Etere software represents the best offer on the market and proves to be an asset to broadcasters in terms of quality and efficiency enhancement.

“Reliability, flexibility and complete redundancy are very important in satisfying our commitment to TV scheduling that is the foundation of the OBN channel”, states Neven Cicko, Chairman of the board. ”The Etere system enables broadcasters to realize the considerable benefits of an integrated workflow in production and playout environments. The reputation for flexibility built into the Etere system is very important for operations like that of OBN, where reliance on scheduling and playout is fundamental to our success.”

About Etere
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