Anicaflash and SAT2000 are on air with Etere

10 декабря 1999

Etere Automation solution for Anicaflash and SAT2000

It’s a few days since these satellite-broadcasting stations are using ETERE for they’re On Air.
Even if their needs and their videoservers are different, ETERE AUTOMATION has proved to be an excellent software, suitable for both occasions.
Anicaflash uses a Profile videoserver and prevalently broadcasts movie promos and news, while SAT2000 works with a Seachange videoserver and, besides recorded events, goes on air with live events as well.
Moreover, SAT2000 is efficaciously using ETERE Shadow Server, the module which allows to prepare the TV schedule with a low quality preview of the videoserver contents, previously recorded in an automatic way, on the devoted server, in MPG format, and which can therefore be visualized in the monitor of the operator’s PC

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