Etere and RAI SPORT

15 июня 1999

RAI Sport, the thematic, digital satellite station of RAI group has chosen Etere Automation to manage its broadcast operations.

RAI Sport, the thematic, digital satellite station of RAI group, exclusively transmits sport events and commercials. The sport events can be either from tape or live. Needless to say, the kind of programming, which implies last minute changes according to the evolution of events, makes the automation of the 8 hours scheduling - apart from commercial insertion - very hard.
ETERE has supplied the broadcasting station with the full automation. The system controls two Profile video-servers connected via fiber channel, one as the main device and the other to be used in case of emergency.
The monitoring and switching between main and backup Profiles is carried out by the ETERE MEDIA MANAGER software, which also provides for the "intelligent dubbing" of contents between video-servers. Operators can record in any profile, and ETERE takes care of the correct broadcasting of schedule.
The system offered by ETERE provides for two different operational phases:
- recording;
- replica.
A recording of about 8 hours is carried out, starting from a predetermined fixed time (16:00 o’clock each day), and it is then replied twice in order to fill the 24H programming. During the recording phase another ETERE software checks the master control and virtually segments the recording into a number of programs. The two replicas are completely different from the original, as they are segmented and reedited, and must finish at 16:00 sharp, starting time of next recording.
As sport events can have a variable length (a clear example is a football match which goes on to the extra time or to penalties), the programming lasts sometimes more than 8 hours. When this happens the first replica is stopped before the end and the second is fully broadcast in order to get to 16:00 sharp, while if the recording is too short a fill-in clip is inserted between the replicas.
You can visualize length of the running recording and countdown to 16:00 directly on displays connected to both main and backup. Moreover, the "virtualization" offered by the control panel allows to monitor and check the status of the whole system.

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