ROMA 2009 on RAI SPORT PIÙ supported by Etere

02 сентября 2009

With the Occasion of the 13th FINA World Championships Roma 2009, RAI Sport Più, in Order to Keep Bringing a Top Quality Service has upgraded its System to Etere 19.

RAI Sport Più, formerly RAI Sport Satellite, is the sport channel delivered via satellite by RAI, the Italian state television network; RAI Sport Più has more than one year offering a complete transmission of the most remarkable sporting events held in Italy and in the world.

The RAI Sport Più programming includes football matches, basketball games, cycling tours, rugby matches, motor races and from the 17th July to 2nd August, a complete coverage of the 13th edition of the FINA World Championships to take place at Roma.

RAI has confirmed once again its preference for ETERE and its cutting-edge broadcasting system, and it is precisely Etere which will support the whole transmission of the FINA World Championship. The global workflow of RAI Sport Più is mainly based on the installation of Etere Automation, the Etere module which allows a redundant transmission composed by a Main and a Clone channel, ensuring in this way the reliability of the automatic transmission of events.

Across Etere’s system installation, a Thomson PVS-Series Video Server is fully controlled, allowing the station to use it for ingesting, storing and delivering high definition multimedia contents. Owing to the predominant “live” character of the assets managed by the channel, Etere has improved its entire broadcasting workflow by automating the ingestion process of live events, this by creating automatically an asset form on each channel switch of the Master Control, assigning subsequently to this asset form the material which is being recorded on the switched channel, and once the ingestion is finished, a low resolution version is automatically created on the video server.

Thanks to Etere, RAI Sport Più is the first channel of the RAI group to entirely broadcast in a high definition 16:9 widescreen format, a feature provided by Etere, and specifically enriched on its version 19, a detail that demonstrates that Etere is at the forefront of technology, and how its various attributes enables broadcasters to deliver the best of quality to its customers.

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