Dahlia TV debut on Italy using Etere

10 июля 2009

Dahlia TV has Started Broadcasting on the Italian Digital Terrestrial Television Market Supported by Etere

DahliaTV is a digital terrestrial pay-TV platform targeted to the Italian male market, where actually counts with near 300.000 clients. The entire programming of DahliaTV is transmitted by FilmMaster Television.
The eleven pay-per-view channels currently offered by Dahlia TV are sent On-Air (including secondary events such as Logos, Subtitles, Transitions, etc) by the full redundant and reliable Etere Automation system, that increase the broadcasting reliability by managing for each channel, an Automation Backup to be used in case of any kind of failure. Etere Automation also restores automatically asset’s media from the Archive to Video Servers according to their programming.

Etere Ingest improves the process of media capturing from all the feeds present along the station, by allowing scheduled assets to be automatically ingested, this module carry out the ingestion of high-resolution media from VTR’s and Live sources, and automatically creates a low-resolution version of them (proxy files).
A subsequent migration of media files to the NearLine disk array storage is performed by Etere Data Mover (thus expanding Video Servers), this application goes beyond the simple copy concept by including transcoding operations among its features, such in a way that media files will be at the right place, at the right time and, most important, in the right codec.

Etere Memory is the module that brings the possibility of storing all the transmitted content (as a legal recording system) within a custom timeslot; thus, Dahlia TV can keep track of its entire transmission as established by the Italian law.

Etere Web gives to authorized users the possibility of access via web to the main server, through a user-friendly web interface, and allows users (depending on their rights) to perform the following tasks:
- View and modify scheduling by channels,
- Both high and low resolution video download,
- Control the status of aired schedules,
- Creation and upload of new assets,
- Commercials contract management,
- Plan programs or series contracts,
- Legal recorded video files browsing,
- etc.

Advertising commercials are on charge from their scheduling to their invoicing of Etere Traffic, the module which manages event’s contracts (commercials, programs and series) and their frame accurate scheduling, whilst Etere BMS monitors and controls the status of their rights. Dahlia TV through the implementation of an Etere system is now able to perfectly control several types of devices along its various broadcasting processes, some of the most relevant devices are following listed:
- 28 Pc’s provided with Windows Server 2003 CAL and Microsoft SQL 2008 CAL,
- 2 Pc’s provided with Windows Server 2008 CAL and Microsoft SQL 2008 CAL,
- 5 Thomson Maestro master controls,
- 5 Concerto routers Jupiter-controlled,
- 1 Trinix routers Jupiter-controlled,
- 5 Imagestore 750 logo generators,
- 2 Avid Deko1000 video systems,
- 2 Thomson K2 (2x3 nodes) shared storage systems.

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