Etere for Telepace

29 September 2000

Etere supplied Telepace with complete Automation software.

In 1990 Mons. Daniele Ferrari, Bishop of Chiavari, thought of creating a radio and television broadcasting station serving evangelization. That same year both radio and TV transmissions started: the Ligurian Telepace was born.

Telepace’s schedule is 24 hours a day, and is made up of news, religious, cultural and sport information, as well as live events concerning all of the Pope’s activities: all this thanks to the use of a satellite.

In 1994 it obtained the government licence, fundamental condition to keep on broadcasting. Later, the satellite service was undertaken by CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference).

When the time came to build the new, functional television studios, Telepace chose, for its system, a close-knit trio: ETERE, Seachange and Professional Show.

ETERE has supplied the station with the complete automation software, the by now famous ETERE Automation.
Telepace’s automation includes the recording function, implied in ETERE Automation, which allows to record in an automatic way from different sources, according to a timetable.

The browsing function has been installed also, which perfectly integrates with the Seachange BMC.

The integrated browsing allows the “low quality” preview to edit the schedule directly from PC with no need for additional devices or cables, which means no further burdens for the operator.