Etere for Rete Versilia

07 июля 2000

Etere manage Rete Versilia whole system.

This broadcasting station was born on the 2nd June; its aim is to supply Versilia with news, direct participation of people, confrontation ideas and space dedicated to voluntary work.

Due to its catholic nature - the channel is linked to the Misericordia of Viareggio – its schedule also presents satellite live contributions coming from SAT2000, another station automated by ETERE.

ETERE is the core of the whole system, as it pilots a SeaChange 1200 media-server, a 16x16 sms video router,
a VTR for the recording of contributions and two play VTRs.

Two of the channel’s workstations are integrated with the recording function that provides for automatic recording from different sources according to a predetermined timetable.

The video router is piloted by ETERE Sarvaji, a software that grants all automation functions access to a serial port shared by different users at a time.

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