Etere for Zouk TV

06 июня 2000

The new musical TV channel "Zouk TV", on Martinique Island, went on air for the "Fete de la Musique" on June 21st.

This is not the first time ETERE takes care of the full automation of a station transmitting musical schedules only: a good example is, for instance, Video Italia.

This new channel, installed in Fort de France, will broadcast on Martinique cable TV network using Doremi Labs Video Server based on V1m units, a rack of drives with 30h initial capacity and ETERE Automation.
ETERE has fully automated TV operations, from the tape filing to Server to the play-list editing, up to the final on-air broadcast, including control of various peripherals using GPI.

Installed with LAN connected user workstations, ETERE Automation allows remote editing of the video material by the TV Program Board.
The source of programs are mainly locally produced video clips, edited on an AVID XPress installed near by the Doremi Labs Video Server.

The set-up of both Doremi Labs Video Server & ETERE Automation has been carried out by Doremi Labs Europe staff.
ZOUK TV technicians have attended the free start-up course ETERE offers, in Tolentino’s headquarters, to all its customers.

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