Etere & Sony for Telelombardia

22 января 2001

Telelombardia has chosen Etere and Sony for a state-of-the-art system.

The famous Lombard TV station, after making a decision to modernize their broadcast installation, has chosen ETERE Automation to manage their schedule and automation for the new installation.

The new studies are digitally imprinted which creation has been entrusted to Sony Broadcast & Professional Italia. The main requirement was to propose a solution able to integrate the digital world with the analogical one, that is, a solution capable to integrate both worlds.

This station has 3 channels and all of them have been automated with ETERE Automation. The system is based on a cart machine, which allows having a great autonomy of all 3 channels, besides it is so reliable that it could be left without custody for hours and even days. The system enables a great integration of all 3 stations.

The schedule is partially shared by the 3 stations. 6 hours of live programming per a day have been foreseen. Besides the news, the rest of the asset is available with anticipation.

Managing the schedule became faster and simpler thanks to ETERE Media Manager, which is capable to manage any type of asset.
ETERE checks the asset, where it has been kept, when you intent to use it, it archives it and recovers the asset according to a certain classification. Recovering the asset froideo asset.
m the archive is effected through an integrated research engine, which allows defining relations between devices and it directs the video asset by using the correct path.

When broadcasting, Media Manager automatically provides to withdraw a video file from the archive and copy it to the videoserver. After the broadcast, if unnecessary, it provides to delete the same file from the videoserver in a way to have always enough space for new clips.

The powerful ETERE Automation controls: 2 Sony MAV 70 videoservers, 2 Inscriber titlers and all Sony VTRs, whether analogical or digital (the first ones are Betacam SP and the others are Betacam SX),analogical/digital converters and an analogical DVS-128 parallel router, the half is configured on the analogical video and the other half on the analogical audio stereo.

MAV 70 is configured as fibre channel with 2 in and 4 out, having a capacity of more than 100 hours memory in MPG2, which can be archived on the hard disk.

ETERE has requested only two PCs for the On-air and for the management of the schedule of all 3 channels, the first one with 2 channels and the other one with the third channel plus the Media Manager.

It allows having a good redundancy of the whole installation without any excessive costs. In case of a malfunction of a PC, ETERE is capable to manage the On-air of all 3 channels with a single PC. This is just one of the applications of the famous ETERE Automation technology: the Distributed Architecture.

As run Logs can be obtained automatically by the On-air system, and they show precisely time and length of all broadcasted events without leaving out any of them.

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