Etere for Rete A

07 May 2001

Rete A, the highly respected TV station, has chosen ETERE and Sony Broadcast for the new on air look after abandoning the MTV format.

The on air schedule will consist mostly of music video clips. ETERE will control two MAV70GXI, Sony video servers used respectively.

Beside the servers ETERE controls 3 digital VTR’s IMX for caching, a router as main and back up in a fully redundant configuration. 3 Leitch logo generators, 1 Sony Isara master control and a Pinnacle Deko character generator. The character generator is especially important for this format since the titles and graphics are constantly changing with each video clip.

ETERE will control the template and the relative text. Part of this system is the use of state of the art technology that allows the virtualization of all the devices controlled via the RS422 interface. 3 serial hubs with 8 ports each will allow the control all the devices with serial interface thru TCP/IP.

Device virtualization is part of ETERE distributed architecture. Advantages of this technology are: sharing of all the devices, simultaneous controls of multiple devices from different PC’s and complete fault tolerance.

The under-monitor also controlled by ETERE Automation give the operator the cue for the next live event or from live to the next commercial break. Beside handling the digital broadcast automation, ETERE will compile the musical part of the daily broadcast thru the use of Music Manager module. Music Manager is a powerful software module for the archiving, creation and scheduling music clips.
Music Manager is very useful for on air scheduling because it computes accurately the duration of the music clips and programs them based on the time slot to be filled rather than the number of clips required.

This feature will allow to fill empty spaces perfectly with minimal operator’s intervention.

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