Italian Football with Etere

25 августа 2001

ETERE furnished its famous ETERE Logger for RAI TRADE project: the famous ETERE News plug-in.

RAI TRADE made a program especially for the most beautiful football championship.

ETERE furnished its famous ETERE Logger for the project: the famous ETERE News plug-in.
It manages the recording up to 9 feed in one videoserver, during which the Highlights get marked. These, successively selected, are used to produce a program 2 hours before the end of a match. The finished program will be installed on the Avid videoserver.

After broadcasting it, the material can be ‘thrown away’ or conserved only for the parts considered as the most interesting. Also a browsing has been furnished, in a way to have a copy of the video recording in low resolution.

This copy can be viewed on a normal PC screen and can be used to ‘refine’ created live-segments. The way this database has been organized allows to insert simply (with speed buttons), basing on some defined parameters: they are athletes, typical situations (goal, free kick, penalty, etc.) and most famous actions (kicking, running, cross, etc). All these can be defined to the operator.

This way it becomes simpler and without any errors, thanks to the initial definition and the catalogue of complex events. After being cataloguised, the whole video material must be archived, and there is a special station, which receives the list and provides to automatically create the tape for the transmission.

Those clips are going to be archived afterwards in order you select. In case the Recording PC breaks down, ETERE offers a possibility not to lose all related recordings, which will be kept there permanently even if you decide to re-launch the software. It is possible to configure the ETERE Logger’s screen shot according to the match, thanks to the initial part, which can be modified for each game separately, and in which it is possible to introduce athletes and teams.

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