Etere & NVOD: near video on demand

13 апреля 2001

ETERE Automation introduced a complete new solution, which marks the "next generation" in broadcast automation.

The interest increases about the pay-per-view and the NVOD world: near video on demand.
ETERE Automation introduced a complete new solution, which marks the "next generation" in broadcast automation. This function has been developed with SeaChange.

The revolutionary new system automates material and media tracking, provides multichannel automation and performs real-time machine control for small television stations and large broadcast installations alike.
ETERE NVOD was developed as a total media and material management solution for precise management and tracking
of all audio and video material. It tracks what the material is, where it is stored, when it is needed and how to get it to the correct device and also supports user-defined relationships between the video media and material, as well as the facility's video devices, inputs and outputs.
ETERE NVOD is based on ETERE Sql database, to give any station enough power to manage a large archive as well as a standard platform to be used to create custom solutions. It can manages archives of millions of videos, it stores video metadata, and has an integrate intelligent search engine to retrieve any information.
ETERE Media Manager makes an automatic transfer of clips from one videoserver to another and also allows to move back and forth one or more video archive. Before the transmission, it restores clips in a fully automatic way from the archive system machine and copies it into the videoserver, ready for the On Air. After the broadcasting, if no longer necessary, it deletes the clip from the videoserver short term memory, no work is needed to manage videoserver space.
ETERE NVOD is a software-only solution to perform media management, it does not require any customized hardware, but uses a standard windows platform. As all of the other ETERE products also ETERE NVOD uses the distributed technology to create systems, which are basically fault tolerant and scalable to your needs.
ETERE NVOD use the same look and feel and the same interface as ETERE Automation, and it can easily used in mixed environments, where both NVOD and traditional automation are used.

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