Etere for, the first Italian satellite web-TV

10 January 2001

ETERE for, the first Italian satellite web-TV

Netsystem uses Astra-net network to cover the national territory.

With is possible to watch video clips in broadcast quality with the interactivity offered by the Internet.

Due to the wide bandwidth is possible to access more formats than standard TV has to offer.
The scheduling is more diversified and consists of various events, shows Including Web-cam, and the new frontier of interactive spots. is a full caching on-air system totally controlled by ETERE automation. This confirms once again that ETERE software is so flexible that can be adapted to different requirements of various TV stations.

ETERE automation controls a SeaChange video-server with 4 inputs and 5 outputs and 100 hours with of programming. ETERE controls full caching automation for two independent channels. For safety of operation, ETERE has incorporated back-up automation software (one to many).

Only one back up for both channels by the use of a new technology that allows maximum safety with minimum cost.

ETERE controls: one video-server, 2 vtrs dedicated to downloading clips on the video-server,the encoding and browsing in low quality, Philips video router 96 in by 96 out, all the channels including the 2 on-air and a Philips Saturn master control. System integrator is Philips.

Danilo Cattaneo, the Technical Director, said:
“Philips Technology, completely digital, allows the production and the on-air broadcast of live and prerecorded programs, also allows full integration of material from all over the world. A completely automated system handles multiple channels and the synchronization in real time of ipertext and video. All of the above, now in the last stage of completion and expansion, is made possible by the adoption of ETERE software.

The combination ETERE-SeaChange has proven to be reliable beyond any expectations. The manpower used to run the entire operation has been cut by 50% compared to that of a single channel television station.

All the accounting functions regarding commercial insertion are handled by ETERE Automation. In conclusion, we are very satisfied with the performance of ETERE, not only from the software point of view, but also for the dedicated technical assistance and availability of ETERE personnel”.

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