Max Media the First Channel in US

03 октября 2001

The station with headquarter in Missoula (Montana) choose ETERE for the playout of its 5 channels.

Max Media of Montana purchased the five-station group from Continental Television. With a very aggressive, upgrade schedule, Max spent over 1.5 million dollars in 2001 and 2002 to upgrade the playout system, traffic system, automate the master control room and centers and convert the five stations to a fiber optic/microwave network.

ETERE controls a 3 node SeaChange cluster, a Miranda router, 3 Vtr for ingestion. A key feature of the installation is the integrated browsing, that allow Max Media to do the final editing from ETERE Browsing in a completely tapeless environment.

Max Media use ETERE when they move to the new facility where they were to integrate all their channels in one site. They choose ETERE for its ease of use: A single Operator is able to control all the 5 channels and do all the ingestion and preparation of the video assets, Max Media with a single operator H24 controls all the on air.

ETERE is the key software, and it is integrated with their traffic system for a seamless operation. Contact us at

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