Etere Logger for Logos TV Sat

25 июля 2001

LOGOS TV has selected Etere Logger as a top choice to update its video archive which consists of over 4.000 hours of material, containing even movies dated 1946.

LOGOS TV video archive, consists of over 4.000 hours of material, containing even movies dated 1946. Its cultural and economical value was almost destroyed because the tapes and films are old and the management software is inadequate. It is necessary to value the actual and future video patrimony, by transforming the video-store to automatic digital recording storage thus creating a Digital Videoarchive. The Digital Video archive may consist of a robotic video-tape library and movies in special drawers, all of them accessible without physical handling of the tapes.

“Digital libraries" are controlled by personalized software capable to catalogue and efficiently manage clips and movies and send them directly to the users by means of Internet streaming video, wideband connections on fiber optic or digital transmissions on Satellite.
Digital Video-archive is divided in 8 main parts. ETERE controls two of them:
- Ingest & Automation Server: is an electronic elaborator housing the whole system’s control software.
The application allows to make an index and to catalogue the movies. It’s a completely redundant system to guarantee a maximum reliability and is supplied with a cache disc memory of 200 Gigabytes. Browse stations are connected to it for the movies search. The video movies’ clips search can be done by using information memorized in a SQL Data Base and inserted into an indexing phase of a movie in which the operator sorts events, scenes and special features.
This allows the operator to choose between already configured options so that the chance of data-entry error is minimal. You can also predefine whether the events or the characters combine the information to create relations that will be archived together with data.

This is useful for finding frames which make the scene. Softeco Sismat developed database and research management software.
- Cache & Media Manager Server: is an electronic elaborator, which manages the library and allows the digital movies transfer. It’s a developed and optimized system for the audio/video contents, files that typically large sized, sequential and transferred with a constant bit-rate. Moving files from/to the automatic library takes place according to precise specifications preset by the user, based on its own needs. The system is based on ETERE Media Manager Software and on Microsoft/Veritas Removable Storage Manager.

Another fundamental feature is that all clips are archived in a Storagetek library L 700 and is ETERE Logger’s task is to select clips for use on air or transfer. When searching clips, the operator obtains a list, then he’ll have to select which clips are to go on air so they can be recorded via a post-production system. Logos TV E-business and Technology director, Marco Penso, says about ETERE:

“We chose ETERE because we had the necessity to personalize the Software based on specific needs at Logos TV .We needed an innovative systems to manage and catalogue images (LOGGER for the FOOTBALL). Another reason is the flexibility to minterface directly with the producer. This system permits to integrate new functions and technologies: an example is the creation of the interface between Etere Media Manager and the Microsoft Removable Storage Manager software, and the Logos TV plant will form the first exemplary”.

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