Etere automates TV operations for 24ore TV

30 марта 2001

ETERE Automation has been awarded a contract to automate the broadcasts and the on air schedules for “Ventiquattrore TV"

A satellite channel part of the group “Il sole 24 ore".
We worked very close with the Italian branch of Sony Broadcast and Sony Professional.

The broadcast operation is fully redundant taking advantage of the back-up technology of ETERE and Full Caching automation. Full Caching offers several advantages: flexibility, independence from mechanical systems, no need to prepare commercial in advance, on air schedule can be changed at any time, even seconds before air time independent from the format used. The system is fully redundant, so that in the event of a single component failure, the on air operation is unaffected.

ETERE Automation drives the following components: a videoserver Sony MAV70 with 2 inputs and 3 outputs, 2 Sony VTR’s used strictly for filing in RS422, a Sony mater control ISARA and a Sony router DVS1616 also controlled via RS422 and a logo generator.

ETERE forefront technology allows the emulation all the different devices connected via the RS422 interface. Every PC sees a virtual VTR that can be controlled at any moment. Using standard hardware ETERE virtualises all the PC’s allowing the control of all the devices without the use of interface cards or serial cables.

The automation works on a fault tolerant fast Ethernet connection. Ventiquattrore uses several modules of ETERE Automation like Etere Scheduling and its 2 level of on air schedule, the main level is frame accurate, and the instant editor that allows last minute changes.

The on air schedule of Ventiquattrore consists of many hours of local production, news and live broadcast from worldwide feed. For this reason, according to program director Giambattista Bianchi, ETERE with its vanguard technological innovations is the only suitable solution.

Through the use of statistical analysis ETERE offers complete control of every function related to on air operation like: number of programs aired, type of program, cost of on air operations, (hourly, daily, total or partial), gross and net income etc.
Ventiquattrore to go on air in May 2001

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