EA1644 Etere Sony Xdcam Cart Playout Package Bundle

07 марта 2008

Etere extends its support for the new XDCAM features and increases its efficiency.

Etere’s partnership with Sony strengthens and brings new technological benefits to their users. Etere’s engineers have developed some innovative functions on Etere flexible software that support new XDCAM features.

This latest technical upgrade improves access and use of the stored digital material, making Etere solutions more efficient.

Etere has broadened its offer and supplies more advanced functions for the updated XDCAM 1.56 version Firmware. Etere enables arbitrary clip and EDL names, unicode and/or spaced names, clip delete functions (even in the middle) and a file rename function.

Etere 18 version has already included a support free of charge for the features of the 1.56 XDCAM firmware as part of Etere’s commitment in controlling Sony devices.

This software extension adds greater operational functionality to the Etere system and makes it the best and the most reliable software on the market.

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