Etere for CenterTV

24 November 2001

Moscowian Center TV chose Etere to manage and broadcast its news.

Etere, leading company in producing broadcasting automation has been chosen by the Moscowian station Center TV to manage its schedules and broadcast nothing less but 4 channels Center TV has been broadcasting since 1997 and it is actually the most popular Russian TV, with the highest share because it is being watched by 75 millions of viewers. It broadcasts 18 hours/day and its schedule is composed of cultural, political, financial, economical and sports programs. This system forms one of most advanced projects for digital TV in Europe; it adopted the “full caching” technology, based on the video server, which carries the Leitch mark in this particular case. The project’s value is 15 million dollars and it’s planned to go On-air in September 2002. The fact that Etere has been chosen for a very important project so technologically advanced is just another testimony which qualifies Etere as on of the most famous automation software in the world because of its power, flexibility and simplicity. It is not the first time that Etere had been engaged for a complicated project, just think about Mediaset, Rai, MTV, all experienced witnesses. The project is divided in 2 parts:
- On-air broadcasting of 3 TV channels
- Automation for 4 News channels

Etere, once more, has been chosen for both especially because of its liability that makes it perfect for all ‘mission: critical’ functions. Etere prepares the schedule for 3 channels with its two leveled schedules: instant editor to modify the schedule even a few second before the broadcast, and presentation editor that is the real high-level multifunctional editor to create sophisticated schedules. You are able to create your schedule freely: with simulations, analysis, high & low resolution preview.

All that allows having the maximum flexibility when creating a schedule. Schedules for all 3 channels are broadcasted through the famous Etere Automation, which allows having the automation frame accurate. To protect your data, the system has been enriched with one of the most upgraded fault tolerance technologies, and that is Etere Clone. With it you have 2 On-air systems with two different independent automation controllers, and in the same time synchronized between them, which contain and broadcast 2 different copies of the same play-list.
Etere Automation takes care of the News broadcast, which are prepared with ANN Openmedia. Etere News 2.1 – the heart of Center TV’s News automation – it is fault tolerant and it was based Mos 2.6. Collecting and producing the news has never been clearer and simpler thanks to its easy and intuitive interface.

The automation system offered by Etere News 2.1 considers the opened and expandable architecture inside the system.

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