Etere and the Business World

03 октября 2001

Canale Lavoro is the first TV channel entirely dedicated to the business world; its entire Automation system is controlled by Etere

Canale Lavoro broadcasts over the satellite on Stream and Tele+ platforms.

It was invented and brought to life by Manpower, the world’s leading society in the field of human resources. Its goal is to present work requests and offers, with columns dedicated to those companies searching for employees and spaces reserved for those who are looking for work. It also offers information about employment, national and regional structures, and the Italian law and offers news about professional training.
This channel is a product of Rai Trade.

The entire automation system is controlled by ETERE. This station is using space of the Rai International Profile (being On-air for the last 2 years, without any interruptions, with ETERE’s Automation System), but it has its own Sony Flexicart, which is being used to turn over the video material in the videoserver.

ETERE is not referring only to automation but also to the archiving of entire material. The automation is frame accurate and it avails on its ETERE “distributed technology” so that it has no weak points in the system.

Media Manager, on the other hand, is concerned with the archiving, the revolutionary automatic system providing to recover in real-time the whole material contained in those archives. With it, you are able to completely organize and have a total control of the whole audio and video material.

It is based on the SQL platform and that brings to it several advantages, especially because the station can have maximum power and organize a huge archive. This solution was created to make the work in a station much easier.