Blue Gold: Etere Automation for your Health and Well Being

08 января 2001

Blue Gold selects Etere Automation to build and automate their new station. Etere Automation handles all of the broadcast operations in full caching.

ETERE Automation, SeaChange and Professional Video were chosen by Blue Gold as the main players to build and automate their new station.

This Station is part of the Blue Gold group. This group produces digital programming aimed at specialized televisions; it also designs and sells Systems aimed at the interactive communication.

Blue Gold uses a Stream platform; its on-air schedule consists exclusively of program topics related to health and well-being.

ETERE Automation handles all of the broadcast operations in full caching. The devices controlled by ETERE are: a SeaChange BMC800 videoserver.

With 2 inputs and 4 outputs simultaneously, 2 VTR assigned for caching, 1 Sigma Router (ADX) and a Grass Valley master control MC 2100. As in all of ETERE Automation installations, particular attention has been given to the reliability and fault tolerance of the systems.

Blue Gold is using two automation systems in a Main Back-up configuration. All the main components are redundant. An ETERE Redundancy switcher.

Takes care of switching between Main and Back-up should it become necessary. The main part of the automation system, the Ethernet network, is designed to meet the requirements of ETERE DISTRIBUTED ARCHITECTURE.

Included in the system is the Browsing feature, which allows the creation of on-air scheduling while viewing, in low quality video of all the available material, on the PC monitor. Because of the scalability of ETERE all the workstations can have simultaneous access to the same clip. Browsing uses the same Ethernet line that allows the control of all the devices in the system

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